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Revised iPad App Recommendations

A burst of new iPad owners recently has led to me answering the same question. What are some good apps to get? These are ones that have stood the test of time for me. Of course the list of games is obviously skewed to my love of turn based games and aversion to twitch gaming. Still, there may be something of interest!

 Altered/new recommendations are in italics

 News/Social apps

 Instapaper - excellent offline reading tool

Twitterific (paid) or Twitter (free official app) for Twitter

Reeder is the best RSS reader I have found

Flipboard is also quite cool, as is Zito, in a new category of web magazines

Guardian Eyewitness is pretty nice eye-candy, featuring 1 photo each day from Guardian newsroom

WeatherProHD is the weather app I like best


Books and Documents

 There are a number of excellent PDF readers (PDF Expert, GoodReader or ReAddleDocs)

 As well as iBooks I would recommend downloading Bluefire Reader to cover all bases. The Kindle app is fine too. eBooks are my main use of the iPad (time-wise) and worthy of separate attention, both in choice of format and future-proofing, here are my recent thoughts.

 OmniOutliner for iPad (excellent list/outlining tool, well worth the money)


 Comics by Comixology has a good selection of comics and a good browsing engine., IDW, Dark Horse and Ave! Comics also have their own apps with good selections.

You might also get on with izneo BD which is French and has a large selection of French language comics.

(There is quite a lot of overlap and fragmentation in the comics market, if you like all things in one place you will find it frustrating)


Art/Photography apps

Artists Touch


Colour Splash

Comic Life




Reference/Coffee Table Apps

Articles (wikipedia front end)

The Elements

The Solar System


Musical programs

Garage Band


Bloom HD

Galactica HD

Planetary (off beat interface to iPad music library)


Toys (don't really do anything but are fun to tinker with)

 Pottery HD


Koi Pond HD


Zen Bound 2

Tiny Tower

Pocket Frogs

Sand Pictures


Family/Co-Operative activities

The Ultimate Alphabet (really well done hidden object game)

Doodle Find Pro

Little Things


Strategy games

Plants vs Zombies HD (the definitive version)


Lego Harry Potter

I Dig It HD

100 Rogues

Civilisation Revolution


Touch-type games unique to iPad (or just really well suited)

Osmos HD

Sneezies HD

Steambirds HD


Flight Control HD

Dungeon Raid

PuzzleQuest HD

Can Knockdown 2

World of Goo

Defender of the Oasis

Magnetic Billiards: Blueprint (odd but fun)

Casey's Contraptions

Coin Drop!

Tiny Wings


Then there is a long list of truly excellent board/card game conversions:

Carcassonne (excellent online asynchronous play)

Ascension: Chronicle of the Godslayer (excellent online too)

Disc Drivin'  (a wonderful Pitch Car style game, with excellent asynchronous online play)

Ticket to Ride (really well done)

Par-out Golf

Ghost Stories

Small World




Everlands HD


Modern Art



Reiner Knizia's Labyrinth

Hey, That's My Fish HD

Everlands HD

Kingsburg (iPhone)

Through The Desert

Neuroshima Hex

Army of Frogs HD

Roll Through the Ages (iPhone)



Finally a few Action Type Games:

 Inifinity Blade

Reckless Racing HD

Ninjatown Trees of Doom




That should keep you busy for a while



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